Download Loklok APK for Android, iOS, PC & Amazon Firestick

Loklok is one of the best free movie apps for Android. This app allows users to watch their favorite movies and TV shows on the go. You get the flexibility of watching them in parts. You may have to leave a show in the middle but you can always come back and watch the rest of it. The user interface is super simple and you won’t have to scratch your head to make it to your favorites.

It has a plethora of content that is downloadable in your preferred quality and can be watched offline. You get the luxury of using the Loklok app on Android, PC, Amazon Firestick, and your huge Android TV. It also has Chromecast support and you can pair it with your TV to enjoy its contents.

After reading the first two paras, you must be intrigued to know what is so special about it and how to gain access to it. In this article, we will tell you all that you need to know about Loklok TV and we will guide you to use it without any hassles.

How to Download Loklok on Android:

Sometimes, certain apps may not be available in the Google Play Store due to regional restrictions or other reasons. In such cases, have the option to side-load the Loklok APK on your smartphone. You need to tweak some settings of your smartphone to enable you to successfully run the Loklok app on it. You need to carefully follow the following steps to successfully run loklok:

Enable Unknown Sources on your Android Device

We need to make some changes in the settings of our device before we get ready to install the APK.

  • So go to Android Settings.
  • There you will find an option called privacy protection. Tap on it.

settings of loklok

  • Select Special app access and then hit on Install unknown apps.

install unknown apps

  • Click on that and you will see apps that can be used to install the APKs.
  • We are going to use Google Chrome to install the Lok Lok Android app. So, click on Google Chrome and you will see a toggle next to “Allow from this source”.

google chrome unknown sources

  • Push the toggle to enable the settings.

Download Loklok APK v2.1.3

Once you are done with the instructions provided above, you can go ahead and download the Loklok APK file using the Google Chrome browser.

Make sure you don’t visit any other website and download any other clone of the same application as they may contain viruses.

Download APK

Steps to Install Lok lok APK

Once the download is complete, follow the steps below to complete the installation:

  • Go to the “downloads” section on your Google Chrome browser.
  • You will see the loklok TV apk file there and tap on that file.
  • You will see an Install option on your screen. Click on that.
  • The device will start installing the Loklok app. Do not close the installation wizard until the app is installed successfully.
  • Once the installation is complete, you will see “App Installed” on your screen.
  • You can open the app immediately by clicking on the “Open” option.

How to Install Loklok App on Amazon Firestick

Well! Firestick users cannot download Loklok from the Amazon app store. You can thankfully load the application and enjoy it on the big screen with some popcorn to accompany you. Here is the guide to install Loklok on Firestick:


  • Amazon Firestick is connected to your TV and Wi-Fi.
  • The downloader app
  • LokLok APK file: You can get it from the source provided above.

How to Download Loklok APK on Firestick:

Always ensure you’re downloading APKs from trusted sources to keep your device safe from malware and unauthorized breaches.

  • Go to the home screen of your Firestick
  • Open settings and select My Fire TV or Device

loklok settings fire tv

  • Scroll down and click on Developer options

loklok developer options

  • Enable apps from unknown sources option for downloader app.

install loklok on amazon firestick

In case you do not have the downloader app on your device, you must get it before installing Loklok on Firestick 4K. It is available on the Amazon app store.

  • Click on the search icon from the Firestick home screen.
  • Type downloader and go through the on-screen instructions to install the downloader app without any errors.

get downloader for loklok

You have enabled the unknown sources option and installed the downloader app. Now, you can go ahead and download Loklok APK followed by installation.

  • Launch the downloader app from the home screen.
  • If any permissions are prompted on your screen, kindly allow the permissions.
  • In the URL field of the downloader app, type the direct link to the LokLok APK.
  • You can also use the downloader code that is given below to get the latest version

loklok download on fire tv

  • Click “Go” and wait for the APK to download.
  • Once the APK has been downloaded, the installation prompt will appear. Click “Install.”
  • Wait for the installation to complete and then click “Done.”
  • The Downloader will ask if you want to delete the APK file to save space. You can opt to delete it since the app is already installed.

Now, follow the on-screen instructions to set up LokLok on your Firestick. Given that it’s designed for smartphones, navigation can be a bit tricky at the start.

How to Use Loklok on PC & Laptop:

The Loklok PC app cannot be directly installed on a Windows environment or a Mac environment. You will need additional software to help you enjoy LokLok on a PC. The other software is an Android Emulator. You can install a free emulator like Bluestacks to complete the installation.

Here’s a step-by-step guide to install the APK on a Windows or Mac using one of the most popular Android emulators, BlueStacks:

  • Visit the official BlueStacks website
  • Download the version suitable for your operating system (Windows or Mac).
  • Once downloaded, open the installer and follow the on-screen prompts to install BlueStacks on your computer.
  • Launch BlueStacks and go through the initial setup process, which might involve updating Google Play Services, setting up device preferences, etc.
  • Now, you need to fetch the APK file for LokLok.
  • Once the file has been downloaded, drag and drop it onto the emulator.
  • It will start and finish the installation within a minute.
  • After installation, you should see the LokLok app icon on the BlueStacks home screen.
  • Click on the LokLok icon to launch the app.

Can I install LokLok on Android Boxes?

If you want to watch loklok web on your Android Box, you must install a downloader first. There are many free downloaders available in the market and you can install any of them to gain access to the APK file. Here is the link to the detailed explanation of how to enjoy loklok on Android TV.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Is it a legal application?

Yes, loklok is available on the Google Play Store and it is a 100 % legal application. There will be no legal consequences if you download loklok for watching your content.

2. Can I get it on iOS?

As of now, there is, no way you can get access to loklok on the IOS platform. We will keep you posted if there is any change regarding the status of the same.

3. Can I use Subtitles?

Yes, you can. Loklok app comes with an inbuilt Video Player which has support for subtitles by default. Even if you access the content via any third-party application, you can download subtitles.

4. Does LoLokok need VPN?

You do not need VPN to use Loklok app on your device but having a VPN adds an extra layer of security.

5. Is it an Ad-free application?

No, Loklok is not entirely ad-free. Since you are not paying a single penny to enjoy the content, they must find a way to keep themselves running. But the ads have been kept to the very minimum and it won’t hamper your experience.


Loklok is one of the most complete applications of such kind and you will hardly come across any bugs or issues with this app. It runs fast, is user-friendly, and has many more advantages that users get access to. You can download the content as per your desired quality, you get access to subtitles and you get the option to cast it on your Chrome cast. What else do you need?

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